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new hampshire harm reduction coalition

Customizable overdose Prevention poster for community orgs. Feel free to download and use wherever people who use opioids may see it.

Overdose Lurks poster_PDF


hand up health services

Community poster. Never use alone, always carry naloxone. Hand Up Health Services, syringe services program for southeastern NH.

Where to get naloxone in NH

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The NH Department of Health and Human Services dispenses FREE two-dose .4mg intranasal naloxone kits through a variety of modes, agencies, and personnel. See below points of distribution for free kits or find a guide to acquiring naloxone in NH here. Safe-use education will be provided at every point of distribution. Community Health Centers Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/community-resources/naloxone-kits/ Public Events Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/statewide-naloxone-events/ Public Health Network Personnel  … Read More