COVID-19 Response and Resources

Queen City Exchange continues to conduct outreach as Needle Exchange is an essential service.

If you have life-threatening symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, please call 911.

If you are experiencing common symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever or cough, please call your primary care provider for guidance. Call 2-1-1 if you do not have a primary care provider

Manchester Area Resources

Participant Precautions

  • Increasing distributed injection supplies
  • Ensuring participants have an adequate supply of Naloxone
  • Reading membership numbers rather than handling ID cards
  • Providing education around COVID-19 to participants

Volunteer Precautions

  • Ensuring only healthy volunteers conduct outreach
  • Minimizing physical proximity with participants and other volunteers
  • Sanitizing tables, totes and other equipment frequently during outreach
  • Frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand washing