Where to get naloxone in NH

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The NH Department of Health and Human Services dispenses FREE two-dose .4mg intranasal naloxone kits through a variety of modes, agencies, and personnel. See below points of distribution for free kits or find a guide to acquiring naloxone in NH here. Safe-use education will be provided at every point of distribution.

Community Health Centers

Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/community-resources/naloxone-kits/

Public Events

Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/statewide-naloxone-events/

Public Health Network Personnel 

Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/RPHN_POC.pdf

Recovery Community Centers

SOS Recovery Community OrganizationStrafford County – 603-841-2350

Office: 7 Broadway, Dover, NH

Office: 63 S. Main St, Rochester, NH

Office: 1 Park Ct., Durham, NH

North Country Serenity CenterGrafton County – 603-444-1300

Office: 33 Main Street,  Suites 203-207, Littleton, NH

Safe Harbor Recovery Centers – Rockingham County – 603-570-9444

Office: 865 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH

Office: 867 Lafayette Rd, Seabrook, NH

Keene Serenity Center/Helping Hands – Cheshire County – 603-283-5015

Office: 36 Carpenter St, Keene, NH

Navigating Recovery of the Lakes Region – Belknap County – 603-524-5939 

Office: 635 Main St #303, Laconia, NH

White Horse Addiction Center (“The Shed”) – Carrol County – 603-651-1441

Office: 68 NH-16B, Center Ossipee, NH

Purchase a Naloxone Kit without a prescription

Visit: http://anyoneanytimenh.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Pharmacies_with_standing_orders_2142017.pdf