Covid 19 Response

Syringe Services Programs are an essential service and the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition will continue to operate both Queen City Exchange and Hand Up Health Services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Harm reduction can reduce the burden on our medical system as the state of New Hampshire anticipates an increase in COVID-19 cases requiring emergency medical intervention in the weeks to follow. Below are some of the changes we have made to keep our volunteers and participants safe.

Participant Precautions

  • Increasing distributed injection supplies
  • Ensuring participants have an adequate supply of Naloxone
  • Reading membership numbers rather than handling ID cards
  • Providing education around COVID-19 to participants

Volunteer Precautions

  • Following best practices from the national Harm Reduction Coalition
  • Ensuring only healthy volunteers conduct outreach
  • Minimizing physical proximity with participants and other volunteers
  • Sanitizing tables, totes and other equipment frequently during outreach
  • Frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand washing