Interview: Overdose Prevention & Response with Makin’ It Happen


Makin’ It Happen Podcast: Dean LeMire of the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition Recorded April 5, 2018 Some content has been edited by interview participants for clarity.    Jenny O’Higgins, Makin’ It Happen: Welcome to this edition of Makin’ It Happen in the Greater Manchester Region. These segments are brought to you through collaborative partnership with Manchester Access Channel and … Read More

Have the Conversation: Caring for People Who Inject Drugs

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Every New Hampshire healthcare provider has an opportunity to engage and support people who inject drugs.  People who inject drugs are interested and capable of making changes to improve their health and safety. “Have the Conversation: Caring for People Who Inject Drugs” was developed to support practitioners who want to engage clients ‘where they are at’ and collaborate on meaningful goal … Read More

Where to get naloxone in NH

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The NH Department of Health and Human Services dispenses FREE two-dose .4mg intranasal naloxone kits through a variety of modes, agencies, and personnel. See below points of distribution for free kits or find a guide to acquiring naloxone in NH here. Safe-use education will be provided at every point of distribution. Community Health Centers Visit: Public Events Visit: Public Health Network Personnel  … Read More