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Enhancing Provider Skills in Serving People Who Actively Use Substances

NHHRC's Covid-19 Response

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Set up and support for NH SSPs via training, technical assistance, funding opportunities, and data analysis

Promote and expand harm reduction services, including syringe access


Advance evidence-based practices and disseminate work

Build alliances across sectors who serve people who use drugs

Empower people who use drugs and their communities

Rights and Dignity

Advocate for harm reduction in policies that affect the lives of people who use drugs

Encourage the voices of those with lived experience through self-advocacy

NHHRC is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to the implementation of public health strategies that reduce the harm associated with drug use and misuse. NHHRC engages in policy advocacy, multi-sector education, resource and policy development, coalition and capacity building, and direct services.

OurĀ missionĀ is to promote compassionate care for people who use drugs through harm reduction by supporting syringe service programs (SSPs), utilizing best practices, and advocating for human rights